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Thread: Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by miked1958 View Post
    I agree with you. If you Cant protect Eli it doesn't matter if you have Megatron to throw to. He cant throw the ball laying on his back
    Eli had the absolute worst o line in the league in 2011 and had a career "elite" year. All Eli needs is Cruz and Nicks healthy at the same time and he will play like that again. Defense on the other hand... no linebackers... no CB depth whatsoever... no pass rush whatsoever. We need major help there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSabbath View Post
    Barrett Jones just became one of my top targets if he's still there in the 2nd round. Has played LG, LT and Center... and he did them all well, in the best conference in CFB playing for the best team right now in CFB. I don't think he'd be great at OT, but now having a guy that could project at center or guard is perfect for us.
    to be honest, for a week or so before the NCG, I was mistaking Jones for Warmack. Like I thought it was Barret Jones who was the top prospect because, as you pointed out, he's played all 3 positions along the OL very well as a 4 yr starter too iirc...i'd be ecstatic if we were able to address a different need than OL in rd 2 and could fall back on Barrett Jones in rd 2 or even rd 3 possibly because although he's very solid right now, he prob has already met his ceiling...if warmack/coopers there at 19, I'd grab one of them. But if they aren't, and we can get an impact DB/LB/DL rd 1 and then Barrett Jones rd 2 or 3, it'd be an amazing draft.

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