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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    id bet anything he has a year that makes the cap hit look like great value (i expect an mvp type season).
    I hope so , id rather not see the 2nd half of season slide. ill take a 2011 season though.

    as i said this is the FO's mess and involves more than eli;s contract and restructures.

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    Well said! Agree he and Snee and Rolle are killing us !!

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    Eli signed a 7 year $100MM . His cap hit is high due to restructure. His average pay each year is about $14.5MM

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumby74 View Post
    imo, any top 10 QB - including Tony Romo is priceless.
    Pretty much. Losing one would likely do more harm than paying one.

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    He needs to sign a 2-4 year extension so they can spread this out a bit. This isn't Eli's.fault. its the front office's fault for having him restructure too many times.

    An extension or flat out pay cut is the only way to have his cap number lower.

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    You can understand why Eli makes what he does, but when coming off a bad season it's looks like a lot more money. If he can put together another 2011 season in 2013 everyone will be happy. Surprised they didn't cut Rolle though. Would expect Snee to do a major change with his contact next year. Thinking he would like to finish out his career with the team.

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