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Cruz has talent, but has been said multiple times he is not a top 5 receiver in the NFL, the past two season he has double digit drops, he doesn't do much for Run blocking, has ran wrong routes ( as many others ) he was taken out of numerous games last season despite his 1000yard numbers

his ability is in his elusiveness

he is replaceable, like anyone is replaceable, there are superior receivers then him,
Of course, he is replaceable but at what price. There aren't that many better receivers. i don't know where he ended up in receiving yards at the end of the season but I am pretty sure it was within the first 10. And nobody is mentioning the fact that Eli was not the same QB last year as he was in 2011!!!! He was way less accurate. The fact is Cruz was the best receiver on the team and among the best in the league. That's what the numbers tell you if you are open minded enough to consider them.

In addition, you must have been watching a different season than the one I watched. I never saw him get taken out of a game. I did see him come back in to games after taking heavy shots. I did see him play smart and not take unnecessary hits protecting himself for sure but also helping the team by staying healthy. I did see Eli have a bunch of very mediocre performances.

I think many will be surprised by how high Cruz's value will be in the open market even considering he is RFA.