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    Season ticket holders...

    ....PLEASE do not sell your tickets to Dallas fans this coming Sunday!!! Home crowd needs to bring it big-time...

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    Re: Season ticket holders...

    New Year Day and Gmen taking the NFC East Title and hosting 1st round sounds so amazing. The stadium better be rocking and well I need 4 tickets....Looking on stub hub and there are alot out there, are these the season ticket holders selling these? Shame on You!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Season ticket holders...

    season tickets in my family since 1960.......not one time have we sold them .........not once

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    Re: Season ticket holders...

    I was worried about this too once I saw the game got moved to Sunday night but I'm pretty sure the place will be rocking....Are they gonna hand out towels?

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    Re: Season ticket holders...

    Half the people had to scrape and pull strings just to get their tickes at the ridiculous prices, that is why they are up for sale, trying to make a score to get a head start on next seasons ticket cost.

    $250.00 a seat in the Mezz each, big game, pull in a grand and you got 4 games covered, that's just reality.

    Forget the Past, Live for the Future!

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    Re: Season ticket holders...

    or sell the one right next to me so i can beat a dallas fan into submission.
    i'll abuse him so hard that he'll tap out halfway through the 2nd quarter.
    due to the fact that I am from the Woodstock generation ...
    my opinions may be chemically enhanced and influenced by severe episodes of memory loss

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    Re: Season ticket holders...

    If you have to sell them, please sell them to other Giants fans....

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