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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBlooded1979 View Post
    How many captains were sent out for the coin toss during the SB ? If you don't remember it was Harry Carson all by himself with 9 Broncos. The Giants knew who their leader was.
    Great point, Blue

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    One led the offense one led the defense - not sure what the question even means. They both led in their own way, as did Bill Parcells. But all three werent alone - Lt had carson/ banks. Simms had bavarro mconkey. It was the teams team - not just one player - this aint the NBA.

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    I became a Giants fan because of LT but that was in 89, a few years after the 86 season so I couldn't tell you who was the leader back then. Imo, the best player on the team is the leader... LT used to take over games by himself. He probably wasn't the locker room leader but he was the man in my eyes.

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