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    Since there is some talk about the giants cap situation in 2014.

    A little review.

    Im going to ignore the futures deals, because its not likely many if any of those guys stick.

    So here are the cap hits

    Eli Manning - 20 mil
    Rolle - 9.25 mil (last year of deal)
    Snee - 11 mil (last year of deal)
    Baas - 7.25 mil
    Weatherford - 2.7 mil
    Kiwi - 7 mil
    JPP - 3 mil
    Prince - 2.6 mil
    Beatty - 7.4 mil
    DeOssie - 1.2 mil
    David Wilson - 1.1 mil
    Marvin Austin - 1.2 mil
    J Will - 600k
    Scott - 600k
    Sash - 600k
    Brewer - 700k
    Jernigan - 700k
    Randle - 800k
    Hosley - 700k
    Mosley - 600k
    Will Hill - 550k
    Ojomo - 600k
    Kuhn - 600k

    Thats 23 players, at 80 mil.

    Now, the giants will soon be adding rookies, and lets assume all 7 of them are still on the team going into 2014. That would add 7 players for another 2 million

    Then they add the 2014 class, lets say they pick 20 again, and have 7 standard draft picks, that would add another 1.8 million for 7 players.

    Combine the two draft classes = 14 players for ~4 million.

    That gives the giants 37 players under contract for 84 million.

    Salary cap this season is 123 million. It will grow, perhaps not by much, but it will be at least 123 million in 2014.

    So the giants would have at a minimum 39 million dollars to resign player or sign free agents. They signed Beatty, a top tier FA to a deal where his cap his this coming season is only 3.5 million. The giants could theoretically sign ~10 top tier FAs and still make it under the cap. And they dont have 10 top tier FAs to sign.
    List of players contracts expiring (not listing RFAs, because they can be tagged)
    Webster (wont be resigned, or if he is, not for that much money)
    Tuck (if he has another 4 sack season he wont cost much)
    Diehl (wont be expensive)
    Nicks (premiere FA)
    Cruz (premiere FA)
    Linval (premiere FA)
    Shaun Rogers (not expensive)
    Pascoe (nearly free)
    Terrell Thomas (who knows)

    Thats it. Three, maybe 4 guys depending on Tuck.

    Only the highest 51 players count against the cap as well, so the players making ~500k or less will not count against the cap.

    Now, lets say they spend huge money on Cruz, Nicks, Tuck, etc.

    How to free up more money.

    Releasing Rolle before the 2014 season = cap savings of 7 million
    Chris Snee has a player option in his contract for 2014, so he could opt out, but if he is released it will save 6.7 million
    Releasing Baas would save ~2 million (unlikely for that small of a savings)
    Releasing Kiwi would save ~2 million (also unlikely)

    So they could potentially save another ~18 million if they needed to, putting them almost 60 million under the cap.

    Now the supposed problem according to Vacchiano is that they would only have some 37 players under contract and need to have 53. Lets take a look around the league and nearly every team in the league has somewhere around 20 players under contract who make more than 1 mil a season. That means the remaining 33 players make LESS than 1 million a year.

    Giants would already have roughly 37 players under contract, 12 of which make over 1 mil.

    So they would have to add 16 players, about 6-8 of them making over one mil.

    So add another 10 players at less than a mil a piece.

    Lets say on average those 10 guys cost 800k a piece. Its a bit on the high side, but that gives the giants ~47 players on the roster for a total of about 92 million.

    They would have 20-30 million to resign 6-8 higher priced guys, such as Cruz/JPP/Nicks. Clearly not all of them are going to be top guys, but even if they were, they could essentially sign 6-8 guys to Beatty type contracts and fit it under the cap without issue.

    And none of this even mentions Eli's contract. If Eli signed an extension like Brady, that frees another 5-7 million.
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