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    Someone is gonna get in trouble for this....

    Lately, there have been more then a few reports of prospects doing incredibly dumb things. Well, some NFL teams can be just as dumb .....


    The worst part is, after last years CBA fight teams should absolutely know better. Asking stupid questions like this could easily be used as fuel to the fire of having the NFL's labor exemption revolked.

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    Yeah, I had read an article about a week or two ago about teams interested in asking Te'o about his sexuality. I was using it to illustrate that they were not interested in his football abilities anymore.

    I understand that the game is a high-testosterone game where machoism is the thing, but I think that stuff like that is none of the teams business. I know it may turn a team off but the soon to be rookies need to stand up and tell them that it is none of their business. I would hope the Giants and some of the classier teams are not the ones asking the questions like that.

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    I remember Prince saying this was a common question of his in interviews. I don't think it's all necessarily for sexual orientation inquiry. When the "Antonio Cromarties" and ubiquitous strip club incident are becoming more commonplace, it's not out of place to try and gauge that in a young man.

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    I think this is getting blown out of proportion.
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