Every time I watch nfl networks top ten lists there's always stuff about Joe Montanna, Jerry Rice, Brett Favre, or Barry sanders. Montanna even has his own top ten list. I feel like LT gets disrespected a lot. The giants of the 80s are only number 3 in LB corps. LT is number 3 in best pass rushers and most feared tackler. I get that there are other other great players but this guy is the G.O.A.T. Yet they won't even put him at number 1 on these lists. They had LT at number 3 in the 100 greatest players ever but that's basically the only way you'd know that the network actually cares what LT did. Barry sanders is 1 on pretty much all of their lists that would include him in their category. **** Butkus hurt people but that's about all he did. Deacon Jones got sacks but he didn't really change the position like say JJ Watt or Reggie white. I just feel like if your the G.O.A.T they'd put him 1 on something