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    Quote Originally Posted by Harooni View Post
    I believe its a conspiracy,They do not like LT for some reason and he was set up had no idea the hooker was underage.
    Perhaps a little more "Men in Black" than I would go, but you have all the facts in place.

    The NFL is a business, and the network and the league have an image they want, or at least an image they don't want. Not sainthood by any stretch, and a lot can be overlooked or even written off.

    But there's a line.

    LT has some pretty ugly baggage and even if you believe that he had no idea that the prostitute was underage (I believe him, and there seems to be evidence he asked), he's still a dude that paid to have sex with an underage girl.

    Many, many people have that image of LT.
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    There is no doubt LT was one of the greats. Lists on NFL network are put together based on the opinions of the people there. I am a huge Giants fan but I still believe Jim Brown was the greatest player and athlete ever. That's my personal opinion and other people and the NFL network are entitled to their own opinions as well. And for what its worth LT is not a great person and they may have played into their opinions.

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    I'm the kind of guy that once I know and have seen the truth for myself I could care less what anyone else says. I watched him play and for those that missed it they have highlights on YouTube. IMO, even in those grainy Mentos commercial quality videos it's obvious who the greatest football player ever was.

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