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I think he is gone, the entire offensive line can't be on their second/third contracts. Look at the APYs for this line and look at what they do on the field and you will be nauseas. Let's say Boothe comes in at 4m.

Beatty 7.75
Boothe 3
Baas 5.5
Snee 7.25
Diehl 5.1

That is more than 28m going out per year for a unit that has 4 out of 5 guys that will be 30 or older this season. Guys that were drafted the last few years have to step into these roles or be sent packing. Brewer is going into year 3 while McCants and Mosely are heading into year 2. It is time for them to get on the field this year or be replaced with guys who will play before year 4 and only to sign deals elsewhere.
Exactly...his age alone doesn't warrrant a big contract. He's a nice player...but looking into the future...he doesn't seem to be into the plans as he will be getting old quickly. If he wants to stay for a modest rate...that would be fine...but I'm sure he wants to see if someone will pay him some big bucks first.