I just got done watching "NFL Top 10 Toughest Acts To Follow." So I was thinking who will be hard to replace after they retire or get released/fired from the giants? Eli or Tom Coughlin

Its very close for me but i believe it's Eli Manning. Eli was one of most scritinized athlete of this generation in the NFL and kinda still is even though it has died down a lot after last year. I remembered when he wasn't in the NFL top 100 a few years ago because other Nfl player didnt respect his game. Some people even said he wasn't even a better quarterback than his mother. Imo, Eli has the most pressure to succeed in the NFL and here are some reasons:

1)He was the 1st overall pick in the draft
2)He's in a storied franchise and in a big city market
3)He's the younger brother of a future hall of famer and son of a hall of famer
4)Had the audacity to want to get traded before he even drafted (made some people upset)
5)He's in a Great quarterback draft class

I think he will retire not only as one of the best quarterback but as one of the toughest quarterback in the generation and that will be hard to follow.

your thoughts???