For the New York Giants, their offseason priorities remain in the trenches and getting them improved and somewhat revamped. On the offensive side of the ball, it begins obviously with the line. Keeping the offensive captain not only upright, but giving Eli Manning valuable time in the pocket will benefit the rest of the skill players. What should follow is the running game and being able to depend, once again, on that aspect to gain back time of possession to the blue side. They ranked 25th in the league (with a tad over 29 minutes). Needless to say, this hopeful increase in TOP would also help the defensive side of the ball.

Head coach Tom Coughlin briefly lamented over the loss of big-hearted running back Ahmad Bradshaw, but keeps his focus on the tasks at hand.

"We have things that obviously have to be accomplished moving forward with players and we have to have the resources to be able to do that," Coughlin said.

Coughlin affirmed that this summer’s training camp will be an open competition at the tailback position amongst David Wilson, Andre Brown and Da'Rel Scott for the supposed starting position. Don’t read into that too much nor get nervous about lack of experience carrying the load. There were years that folks questioned the ability of backs to step up.