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    RGpee has 3-4 years left.. if he's lucky enough to stay healthy even that long. Stick a fork in him, he's as good as done. The Skins won't ever win a SB as long as they have to depend on RGpee to get them there. They have a tough schedule this year and they have to play real teams with real defenses (much like the Giants did last year). In many ways, 2nd place was a blessing in disguise for us. RGpee will not walk out of that game against San Fran. I mean that literally. He's also going to have a bad time in the Georgia dome. He's also going to have a bad time against Chicago and Denver. Those guys will all be licking their chops to get a shot at RGpee when he comes into their secondary. He has no chance to finish the season next year.
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