This is a thread stemming from the Alex Ogeltree thread. I don't think the Giants have some magic formula for knowing a players character. We err on the safe side. We stay away from any player with red flags in the first round in the JR/TC era.

So far it's worked out, but good people don't make good players. Good players make good players. Vontaze Burfict wasn't drafted in part because of his character issues (he tends to be a hot head on the field), yet all year long he played like a first round pick. **For those wanting to argue this point- don't. Black Madden has spoken.

Had I scouted LT in college, and if he had failed a drug test in college I would have still drafted LT. All of this talk about character is baloney. DD is a stand up guy as is Webster, yet how many of us want them to be starters next year at their current level of play. Character doesn't make plays and making plays doesn't give you character. I totally understand not drafting a guy because of the risk he poses of being suspended, but that is about wins and losses not about who's a good person and who's a dirtbag. I realize I don't know any of these kids. I just want them to make plays.