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    Bjoern Werner at #19?

    I have seen some mock drafts and top 50 rankings where he drops to the bottom of the first. Would you take him at 19?

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    I mentioned this earlier in a thread. I wouldn't be opposed to it at all.
    "You killed my family, and I don't like that kind of thing."

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    That would be an excellent 1st round draft choice. If we do take a DE in the 1st, I honestly hope they can do whatever it takes to beat out Tuck as the starting LDE because I'd say it's safe to assume Tuck could be a better overall player with a reduction of snaps.

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    Werner at #19... would be sick

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    Two words: I wish...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    he's got to be in the right system because he is nothing special on tape. does he fit what we do? if not, pass.

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    With the way teams overvalue these workout warriors & their 40 times, you never know....
    Nothing against these guys,but due to the combine, theres a chance Ansah,Jordan,Floyd,Mingo are all taken before Werner....
    And if they check out medically, add Star & Jones....Possibly Richardson in the top 15....Assuming theres the typical crazy picks that confuse everyone, perhaps some teams jumps at Hunt way too early...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELI_HOF_NYG View Post
    he's got to be in the right system because he is nothing special on tape. does he fit what we do? if not, pass.
    To people who say this I say go look at his 2011 tape too. This year he played light because FSU intended to play him at multiple postions. He dropped from 277lbs in 2011 to 255lbs in 2012. Then Brandon Jenkins got hurt and Werner had to play exclusively LDE, but he was on the light side for that. But when he played at at 277, which is around the same size he will be in the NFL his tape was pretty incredible. I would ask anyone to go back to the 2011 FSU v Oklahoma game and watch him destroy some pretty touted offensive linemen, including Lane Johnson.

    i still think it unlikely he drops to us, but if he did I would grab him in a heartbeat.

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    Yeah I doubt he would pass the Cowboys, maybe now that the tagged Spencer, but I still doubt he will fall to us, but yes that you be SICK!!

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