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    DT: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap100...erior-dlinemen


    Overall FA tracker by perceived ranking, best listed first: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap100...best-available

    Theres actually quite a few intriguing prospective moves out there. For instance, Richard Seymour is up there in age, and has already gotten 2 huge contracts. doubt he's gonna get another one, but i bet he could still be a good starter. maybe the values there? He can replace Canty and what we asked him to do, and prob do it much much better...maybe for cheap. JR may look into it who knows...but theres a lot of interesting FA's out there. Vollmer at RT? Prob way too expensive, just interesting to see bc before I did, I didn't have an idea of the possible talent in the FA pool

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    Possible OL targets? Moore from the NYJ G, Sam Baker ATL OT...both are pretty standard, avg players but capable of consistent above avg play.

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    Ryan Harris OT seems like another guy JR could target. 5 yrs in the NFL, last yr started 2 games for Houston, but before that he started a ton of games for Denver, but also was injured in 3 of his 4 yrs there...if he passes the medical, he'd be a super cheap, trustable OT kinda like Lockler

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    Any FA would definetly be a bargain/value pick up....No big time FA can be brought in....Any half way decent Oline FA will be a upgrade...

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