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Thread: Most annoying man in football????

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    Most annoying man in football????

    Anyone else sick of hearing Darrell Revis talk and whine? Man, this guy just doesn't shut up.


    Waaaa . . . the Jets might listen to trade offers for me . . . waaaa

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    The Jets are the ones waving him around, Revis is just responding.

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    Joe Buck

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    Quote Originally Posted by bansaw View Post
    Joe Buck
    Collinsworth. According to him, everything done on the football field is "brilliant".

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    Oh that's Jerry Jones by far, not even close.
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    Agree with Collinsworth, he also actually believes that he was a premier receiver.

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    Collinsworth used to be annoying to me. Then I learned how to do an impression of him that is quite uncanny. Now I just start talking about random crap in his voice whenever I hear him talk, and everyone cracks up. So he's the inspiration for a comedic routine a la Frank Caliendo...

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