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Thread: 2013 NFL Draft: A QB For The Giants?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlessedinBlue22 View Post
    Yea, i think the Giants with their dynamic wideouts, if they can find that russel wilson/RG3 type QB who can scramble and throw down field, we'll be even more awesome on offensive. Because our O-line with the exception of Diehl, pass protects well, and sometimes if nothing is there, a QB that can run for a first down is good too. What about Perriloux, isn't he still on the PS? He has a nice arm.
    I liked what I saw out of Perri too from the previous preseason but I'm not sure if he will ever amount to anything outside of a backup. My favorite current college QB that could add a dynamic twist to our offense in the future would be Marcus Mariota from Oregon. Good frame, has similar mobility skills to Kaepernick, and has the same laser arm too. Even though he would be a 2015 1st rounder, I wouldn't mind taking him and having him sit behind Eli for a year or two.

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    Its to early to draft Eli's replacement and I don't trust a young late round prospect to be the backup to Eli. It just doesn't makmake sense this year to draft a QB. I'd rather get a veteran qb. Like we did with Carr the last few seasons.

    And Robinson does not fit our scheme in anyway. That pick would be beyond silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    You know, Eli has been Mr. Reliable/Durable since we signed him. But how long can we realistically expect that to continue? I believe Reese always has a plan, but I am wondering if he is being lulled into a false sense of QB security.
    Like the Colts did.... One year we will learn when we go 2-14 without Eli. Hopefully an Andrew Luck is in the draft though.
    Spin that Webb young Davis

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    I hate to say this but what about another Duke QB Sean Renfree in the 7th round or as a UDFA?

    Odds are he's gotta be better then Dave Brown.

    I don't like that he's only 6'3.

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    Matt Scott was my guy if we were to go QB in mid to later rds, but hes obviously moved up where i think its to early for us to draft em.. Brad Sorensen is one guy i woulden't mind taking a chance on in the 6th or 7th rd if we so choose to go QB...

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    Carr is useless, "he knows the system" is the most overrated thing I've heard.

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