I don't know if anyone knows about this kid. I just found out about him literally about 30 minutes ago. He is a LB from New Mexico Highlands University. I read an article (I'll post below) that he was the highest ranked LB then signed with USC and played well when he got in his freshman year and then had an ankle injury where he was out the rest of the season. After the season was when all of the scandals came out about Pete Carroll and USC. He then transferred to L'ville and was going to have to sit out a year. His Grandmother got sick and he wanted to go to school closer to her so he went to New Mexico Highlands University. He said that he decided that school because he saw that they were the last in their division and he wanted to help them to become good. He eventually lead them to an 8-2 record, first time since 1998.

He broke some records while he was at NMHU including 28.5 tackles for loss in a season! He also was their punter at their school and booted a 89 yarder lol. He says that since he has played for NFL coaches and he was played with NFL players when at USC that he learned a lot from them and he is a better all around player. It is obvious that he is good against the run with the 28.5 tackles for loss but he says that he is good in coverage because he is a little undersized so that results in him being faster. There is a interview that he took with the site I will post. It is a Patriots site of some sort, I just found it and clicked for the interview to see what he said. I came out to be impressed with the kid.


There is a video of him benching 225 39 times which is better than anyone at the combine and he is a 240 pound LB! I find that extremely impressive. I usually do not get wrapped up in combine numbers making someone jump up my list but that is crazy.


Here is a highlight video of the kid. He looks like an absolute freak of nature not going to lie. He says he thinks that he could be a 5th round pick or so. He says that he is pretty versatile claiming he can play OLB, MLB, RB, FB, Punter haha.