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He could be a beast, but he also played in a crappy division. Would have liked to see him suited In L'ville. Nonetheless, Im interested to see what pans out for him.
Yeah I know, small school guys are hard to judge because of the difference of talent that they are playing against. I guess his freshman year he started one game for USC and he had the most tackles on their team that game but its kind of hard to take anything away from that. I wish he would have been invited to like the senior bowl or something where you could see him against other draft prospects. Just listening to the guy in videos he sounds super focused though. He says he's been through losing family members and friends to transferring schools that it has just made him work even harder to make his dream of playing in the NFL come true. He compares himself to Ray Lewis in the way of working hard in the weight room and giving all he has every game on the field.