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Thread: James Harrison

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    James Harrison

    Should The Giants Try To Explore Signing Him?
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    Many fans will say no. He has played in a 3-4 defense his whole career, he's not as good as he used to be, he's getting up there in age. That will be all the reasons of not wanting Harrison. But saying all that I would love to have his toughness and no nonsense attitude on this defense. At one point in his career he was one of the better all around linebackers in the game. I don't think he will garner attention from the Giants though, if the Giants were to pick up a free agent linebacker it could be Daryl Smith.

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    Why.....are we starting an all geriatric team?
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    The bad side to the Steelers releasing him is that it puts them in the market for a passrusher. Granted it is a 34 passrusher, but still it means 1 more team we might have to content for a solid de/ olb .

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    why do people always do this when old players get released, good god you think they learn that this is so futile

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