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Thread: Baas Restructure

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCHOF View Post
    Are we sure it's a pay cut? They may be paying him the difference between $4M and $1.5M in a bonus that can be prorated for cap purposes over the remainder of the contract term.
    No I'm not sure... just from the tweet it made it sound like a pay cut since it didn't mention guaranteeing anything.

    Either way is fine with me ... makes him cut bait for next year (I'm not a huge Baas fan).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    That would be nice but restructuring never winds up helping versus the cap in future years.
    Yup, agree with you. I thought I read in another thread that Baas's cap number will be 7 or 8 mil in 2014? Ugh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattMeyerBud View Post
    Diehl and who else do you think?
    I hope to see Diehl take a pay cut, maybe drop his cap number 2 mil or so. I hope Eli or Rolle dont restructure, both of them have in the past and is one of the reasons why the Giants were in cap hell before all of these moves this offseason.

    By the way Matt, like Roanoke said, glad to see you back. I hope all went well with the wedding, and I wish the best for you guys! I know you are still a youngen, but don't burn yourself out with those 2 jobs!

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    Heck of a move kudos for JR.

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    NOT a paycut as per spotrac.com. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/david-baas/

    His cap hit will be $8+ mil including $3.475 mil guaranteed cap hit each year for 2014 and 2015. Safe to say with this restructure, he'll be on the roster for 2014 as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blueribbon View Post
    Heck of a move kudos for JR.
    No, this is a terrible move to push more dead money into future years for him. Look at Rolle and Snees cap numbers and you can blame that on mismanagement of the cap. The difference is that they were good players at one point and Baas sucked from day 1. To make his inevitable departure more painful is just stupid. He is impossible to cut this year because of last years restructure and it will be the same next year when he is a year older.

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    Nice for this year, could suck for the computer years.

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    Great to hear all of these players are restructuring!

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    Ugh. Had to be done but it's only shifting the problem back a year.
    He's just further entrenched in the team, now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shockeystays08 View Post
    I agree, Baas get's criticized way more than he should. Is he a top line center? maybe not. But I've seen him play well often and he always plays from snap to whistle!
    Criticism is magnified because of his cap number.

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    It's not easy finding good centers in NFL, Bass does a fine job "when he is not hurting with some kind of ailment"

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