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    Question I would love if we signed BOTH Bennett brothers, cut Rolle, Tuck & resigned KP.

    Michael Bennett will not resign with Tampa.
    Martellus would probably take that home town discount + a little more if it meant we also signed his brother.

    As much as I like Rolle... ehhh. He stays on the field, great safety in the box and sure he's a leader but he's not a difference maker in coverage. We have Will Hill and Stevie Brown.

    Much as I love Tuck, his act these past two years has run a little dry. From the talking to the moping to the lack of production.

    Bennett could be great in this offense especially now that he and Eli have had a season to become more familiar with one another.

    Just thinking out loud.... not sure if we could afford this because we don't know what Michael Bennett would command.

    Base ------------ Signing ------------ Other ------------ Dead ------------ Cap
    Salary ------------ Bonus ------------ Bonus ------------ Money ------------ Figure

    Antrel Rolle 7,000,000 2,000,000 250,000 (4,000,000) 9,250,000

    Seems plausible off first glance but I didn't calculate anything. Merely speculating.
    Just noticed 4 million in dead money... which is a lot
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    I would cut rolle

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    Also Diehl would need to take a HUGE pay cut as well to free up a lot more money... otherwise cut his ***. I see no reason why he wouldn't agree to that at this point in his career.
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    Anyone have any thoughts? Would it be possible?
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    Drastic changes in the locker room rarely work.

    And I think one Bennett will suffice lol.

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    The giants aren't going to cut Tuck

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    Theoretically I would like it but that would take away money from Nicks and Cruz negotiations after this year so I'm against most long term contracts at this point. Especially since we're keeping Webster and shooting ourselves in the foot by restructuring every damn player.

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    Rolle is not going anywhere.

    Rudy was my side chick.

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