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    It all starts with the man in the middle (Baas) and he gets no push in the run game......I don't care if he took a paycut.....it doesn't make any less horrid at run blocking.

    For his overall cost it probably makes him the Giants' worst free agent acquisition in recent years.
    I am not a big Baas fan myself but guards have a big effect on how much push a center gets. Baas I serviceable till we get his replacement. What we really need is a quality guard to play opposite of snee.

    And a RT for that matter.. we need some serious help on the line. Which is why I really think a TE like Marty that can block well is crucial during this transition.

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    Sign the Unicorn, keep boothe for a lower Number and depth. Get a LG and a RT. Get rid of DD. I don;t see the answer being restructuring the entire team. 2012 Giants did not get a play off spot, so why keep all the dead wood who could not do it in 2012... So that they will not do it in 2013 for less money? Change up your philosophy a bit, fellas. Go Giants!

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    I'd like to resign both. I don't believe that either would break the bank. And they're both good, solid players.

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