Have read numerous articles that teams are supposedly lining up to make Cruz an offer once FA starts. Public knowledge indicates the GMen will put a first round tender on him so if a team makes him an offer we don't match. We get their 1st round pick. Because the Rams have 2 first round draft picks, I've been hearing they very well use one of those picks to make Cruz a substantial long term offer.

Obviously tampering allegations would be enforced if a team publicly expressed the interest to make an offer to an RFA prior to the FA period, so this all could be a smoke screen being produced by Cruz's agent to create some urgency from the Giants FO, so no one really knows. But the past 2 days I've been hearing more and more of this.

Personally, I would love to give Cruz up for a 1st round pick. He's 26 years old, we have Nicks and Randle is looking to break out this year. We could lock down a stud OL and LB/CB with 2 picks in the first round, get considerably younger and have more cap space to sign Nicks to a long term deal. If Cruz does indeed leave for a 1st round pick, 3 picks within the first 2 rounds would do wonders for us. Just my opinion, but with Eli at the helm, he makes everyone around him better. And with a beast, young OL and running game, Eli will have even more time to pick apart defenses. And if Cruz leaves, I can't see him having the success he has had in NY elsewhere....because of Eli.