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    If we get the Rams 1st

    We could be looking at a draft like this1a(Rams 16th)- Ezekiel Ansah DE1b- Alec Ogletree ILB2- Bhlidi Wreh-Wilson CB3-Brian Winters OG4- Ryan Swope WR5- Tyrann Mathieau CB/S6- Michael Williams TE7- Colin Klein QBThat looks pretty damn good to me
    Mock Draft 2.0 (1/26/15)

    1. Brandon Scherff OG/RT Iowa
    2. Denzel Perryman ILB UM
    3. Durell Eskridge S Syracuse
    4. Jamison Crowder WR Duke
    5. David Johnson RB UNI
    6. Terry Williams DT ECU
    7. Ali Marpet G/T Hobart
    7. Donald Celiscar CB WMU

    Free Agency

    Resign: JPP, Rolle, Cullen Jenkins, Thurmond, Fells, John Jerry
    Cut: Kiwi, Beason
    Sign: Terrance Knighton, Sean Weatherspoon,

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    Ansah would be a dream come true at 16...I think he goes top 10 but you never can tell. Ansah and Ogltree would be very helpful towards the ailing Giants D and fill some holes too.

    Overall pretty good draft...Wreh-Wilson, Winters, Swope (to compete with JJ for the slot), Mathieu are all good options. Big fan of Klein at KS but I would hate wasting a pick on him. He has UDFA written all over him. They should use that pick to get a kicker.

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    like mattheiu and Micahel Williams. But could see both going in the 4th-5th rounds too..

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