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Thread: Im not crazy about anyone at our spot what do you think

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    Im not crazy about anyone at our spot what do you think

    Should we trade or tell me the player your focusing on that we should draft and why

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    I'm not really sold on anyone either and think we can the value we are looking for a bit back in the first. The good thing is that being in the middle of the first is when alot of teams start making knee-jerk reactions and are worried that the guy they like is going to get picked. I know the Giants don't ussually jockey positions but it is a very good possibility with the depth at D and O-Line this year.

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    I like a lot of players, who to focus on will depend on how Free Agency goes...

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    Being at our spot it is hard to find a player that you can be totally sold on. There is a very good chance someone wants to trade w/ us bc of a QB run or maybe someone falls we really did not expect. I never saw Prince falling to us so who knows. There are a lot of players I like but I also feel they could be had at the later end of the round. If we traded back to like 28 or so and picked up like Trufant I would be very happy with that. Who knows though. The giants coulf have someone ranked way higher than we do and they cannot pass him up. Thats kind of like the Wilson deal. I was pretty angry about TB getting Martin but the Giants claim they had Wilson rated higher. It is hard to predict but I agree that there is no one that I see being at 19 w/o something happenig that I am totally sold on taking. Trading back to late 1st or early 2nd is realistic IMO. There are some very interesting people at 19 but I have not been able to stick to one and say that he is the guy I want no matter what. Thats why mid to late first rounders are tough to deal with

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    Prince Amukamara fell to 19. I'm sure someone good will be available.

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    How can people say this when they don't even know who will be available when we pick?
    You never know who will drop. There is always a chance a top 5 or 10 player will slip.

    You mean if Joekle, Floyd, Ansah, Warmack, etc is there you would still trade down? Makes no sense to say things like this before we know who will even be there

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    I am certainly not against a trade back, but I do not agree with the OP. Every time I try to do a mock, or look at someone else's mock I get excited when I see the prospects left on the board when our pick rolls around.

    Sure, there are guys I like more than others, but I think we are in a very good spot this year because I cannot remember a year when the difference between the 19th pick and the top 5 picks was this small.

    I think the only thing I wouldnt do this year, would be to trade up in the 1st. I just dont see the value in it this year.

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    Im seeing alot of mocks now with Werner still there at #19.. I like that alot

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    I wouldn't be surprised if Warmack fell like De Castro to Pittsburgh @#24. last draft. I feel Cooper is just as good and more athletic. Cordy Glenn and Upshaw fell to the bottom of the round also. If it's between warmack and werner, i say warmack

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueBeatsU View Post
    Should we trade or tell me the player your focusing on that we should draft and why
    Tons of value where we pick across most positions.

    There's quality DE, DT, CB, OT, and LB to be had and fits various needs we have.

    I highly HIGHLY doubt we trade out of the round.

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