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    NJIT's Winning Ways Enhance Its Standing; a Great Example of Brand Turnaround


    Many laughed out loud when the New Jersey Institute of Technology decided to move its athletics to Division I status a few years ago.

    The laughter grew louder when the Newark engineering school was snubbed by local conferences, forcing the Highlandersl to join the Great West Conference, whose members are not anywhere near the East Coast.

    The laughter was almost deafening when NJIT ended the season four years ago with a 0-29 record. Crowds were sparse for the few games the school played at the Prudential center in Newark.

    But the laughing has died down now. The team has a Great West regular season title and a shot at grabbing some national attention as a part of March Madness - the NCAA's annual championship tournament.

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    As someone who recently graduated from NJIT (2011) and lived through the 0-29 season ("NJIT Basketball" was considered an oxymoron and a joke openly by the student body then), I only have two words to say:

    Holy ****.
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    I was from the same class as you. That school still sucks.

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