1st round- Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri- He is a good rusher from the DT position. He usually wins 1 on 1 match ups. He is solid vs the run. Matched with Linval in the middle with JPP and Tuck/Osi? or someone else on the outside we would have a great front 4.

2nd round- Arthur Brown OLB/MLB Kansas St.- It might be some wishful thinking that he would be there at our pick in the 2nd round. He can become a MLB I think if he added a little weight. He is a tackling machine and he is fast for a LB as well. I think he could start instantly for us if we got him. If he is not there another LB I would like would be Khaseem Greene.

3rd round- Brian Winters OG/OT Kent St.- Versatile big man who has experience at guard and both tackle positions while in college. He is extremely durable. He has played through injuries before so it shows his toughness. Someone posted on here that the Giants have shown interest in this kid and I could see why because of his versatility and his toughness. He is quick enough to deal with quick rushers and he is strong enough to hold his own vs a bull rush. He is known to be a very good run blocker as well by latching onto the defender and driving him backward which creates nice running lanes.

4th round- Devin Taylor DE South Carolina- He is a tall guy with long arms and is good at swatting passes out of the air. He can rush the passer pretty well but his production fell of a bit because he was trying to just overpower OL instead of using technique or implement various pass rush moves. I think that if the kid used different moves he could be a starter for us. He has good straight line speed which he could use to speed rush around the end. He holds the edge well vs the run as well. He is been overlooked because the fact that he is playing alongside Clowney who is a straight animal. 4 year starter in the SEC so he has experience. He has great potential IMO.

5th round- Micah Hyde FS/CB Iowa- He is an experienced CB at Iowa and he is a good tackler for a CB and he has good ball skills. He has made some nice plays on the ball in college. He is being overlooked as well because of the fact that his defense was terrible at Iowa. I like him better than Shaun Prater who was drafted right around the same as this pick right here if I am thinking correct. He is being looked at as a FS by some teams because he does not possess top flight speed and he could make the transition pretty easily I think. He is another versatile player that I like.

6th round a- Ryan Otten TE San Jose St.- He is a good receiver who catches the ball cleanly. He ran pretty good for a TE nothing special though. He can run through arm tackles and will lower the shoulder to get extra yards. Needs to add a bit of weight though to be a good blocker in the NFL. He was a willing blocker at San Jose St. If he added some weight he could be a nice all around TE that our team likes to use.

6th round b- Denard Robinson WR/QB Michigan- He is an Randle-El type player the way I see it. He is versatile and very fast. He could be a weapon in the slot and in the return game as well. We could also use him in some end around passes like the Steelers did with Randle-El. I know Gilbride is not much of a trick play kind of guy but it is nice to have players on your team who can produce in a number of ways. That is why I would be happy if we brought Denard in.

7th round- Rex Burkhead RB Nebraska- I have used him before but I like the talent at this spot. He is a very productive guy and he can catch and block well too. He is a great character guy and a really hard worker. I have gone to quite a few of his games and the fans absolutely love the kid. He can make some big plays catching and running the ball. He is an all around back I think. He does not have great speed but he is tough and quick which allows him to get solid gains most of the time

Tell me what you guys think of the mock. I mixed it up from what I have been doing the last few times but I think I covered most of our needs and I think that these guys can come in and produce for us in different ways which is always nice to see out of young players.