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Thread: Giants round 1-7 mock

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    Lightbulb Giants round 1-7 mock

    Giants round 1-7

    Round 1-Desmond Trufant CB

    Round 2-larry Worford OG

    Round 3-TAlex Okafor DE/Trevardo Williams OLB

    Round 4- Jon Bostic LB

    Round 5-Earl Wolff S

    Round 6-Ricky Wagner OT

    Round 6-Marquess Wilson WR(SLEEPER)

    Round 7-Rontez Miles S(SLEEPER)
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    I would switch picks 2 & 3 around.. no way Warford is there in the 3rd

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    i think this is better now switched them if tank carradine isnt there round 3 i think John simon out of ohio state is also a good contender for this spot
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueBeatsU View Post
    i switched it do you thiiink tank carradine will be there though ? maybe someone else needs to go there
    yea.. I don't either of them will be there in the 3rd

    this is just opinion, but I'd rather have Warford than Tank in the 2nd

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    whos some people you like for the 2nd ?

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    1) Great pick!
    2) Warford will be a good pick, could try OT though.
    3) Carradine is a second rounder at his best, too much talent to be on the third.
    4)Love Bostic, he torn up the combine and would be a great athletic addition.
    5)I like Washington, but he fits better a 3-4, so I think we should go a different position and maybe get another OL, TE, S
    6)Ricky Wagner is a tricky one, he was highly rated in the beginning of the season, but worked his way down the draft boards. I don't know about this one haha
    6)That is most definitely a sleeper!! I like him, good depth since we don't know if Cruz will be with us next year, and will most likely be gone in 2014
    7)Don't know much about him, but good depth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueBeatsU View Post
    whos some people you like for the 2nd ?
    two of my favorite options in the 2nd are Warford and Khaseem Greene

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    added earl wolfe took out washington brandon jenkins will be there could be DE or OLB sounds good

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    carter i meant 3rd round do you like brandon jenkins i think he fits a need who would you want for 3rd round?

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    ok had a little trouble deciding who for round 3 trevardo or blidi wreh wilson but i feel good with trevardo

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