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    We've spent enough draft picks on WR's recently, I think it's time to address the actual ISSUES. Cruz leaving doesn't warrant us needing to pick a WR in this Draft, we have Randle and JJ.

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    No way we take a WR round one even if Cruz walks. I just dont see it happening no matter which way you turn it.
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    I hate to lose to Cruz and I'm still one of Jernigan's big defenders around here but....can't say I'd be disappointed if the Giants took Austin with one of those picks. Austin is a SPECIAL player and not only would he be great in the slot....he'd also give the Giants the much needed vertical threat also. I watched nearly all the WV games last year and the guy is a blur. Great hands, durable, quick and fast, great after the catch....he reminds me of Wes Welker on crack and Red Bull.
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    Robert Woods isn't too bad either, Tavarees King, played well at the Senior Bowl. Patterson would be my first choice..

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    I bet Cruz sticks around for something like, 9 mil per year. No way we let him walk.

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    What happened to the home town discounts?

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