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    Manti teo wouldn't be a bad pick at 19

    I know olgatree is more talkd about then teo as far as football goes but from gms I've seen minus the bama gm manti seems more versatile better agility killer instincts and last not least alotta range like that soft spot written caught what 18 rec on us that deep middle so if becomes a giant he will start week 1 no matter who we get in free agency

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    If he's slow now imagine how slow he will be in a few years.

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    He can't shed blockers, he gets occcasional lucky int's, he and there, but is slow and sluggish. Not athletic or fast like Ogletree, it's like having chase in the middle.

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    Chase lol I think he is a little faster chase

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    That was the knock on Ray Lewis when he cam into the league. He wasn't as fast as they wanted. He did okay.

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    I really don't want him to be a giant. sometimes there are just players that no matter how good they are, you just straight up don't want. manti teo is one of those. I don't see much of a ceiling with this guy. plus that he just looks soft. im sorry. dude sounds like a sucker with what happened with his fake gf and then lying about it. plus that he's slow. I don't think reese will pick him.

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    Te'o is faster than Chase c'mon guys ahaha But I think iif Ogletree is there it is a bad pick, mainly because Ogletree has top 10 talent. Think of this Mayock has Ogletree as a better "talent" than Brian Cushing, I don't know about all of you, but I would love to have a Brian Cushing in our team.

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    Very minimal chance Te'o has a quality NFL career. His off the field baggage combined with his combine performance and performance against 'Bama are just too much to overcome, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B&RWarrior View Post
    That was the knock on Ray Lewis when he cam into the league. He wasn't as fast as they wanted. He did okay.
    Teo isn't a leader like Lewis. Kid got duped by some guy on the Internet for god sakes.

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    Ogletree definitley looks more agile than Teo. The guy plays sideline to sideline. If both these guys are there at 19, I would be really disappointed if they pick Teo.

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