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    Re: Sights and Sounds (Giants-Jets)

    I love these Sights & Sounds videos.

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    Re: Sights and Sounds (Giants-Jets)

    [quote user="Overdrive92"]I love these Sights & Sounds videos.[/quote]


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    Re: Sights and Sounds (Giants-Jets)

    That was great - I thought Eli was asking Jacobs for "one more" hug at the end there

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    Re: Sights and Sounds (Giants-Jets)

    That was great...thanks for the link.

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    Re: Sights and Sounds (Giants-Jets)

    Eli saying "one more" was just great - They are getting a great win against the hated Jets and Eli has the foresight to mention they need one more victory for this one to mean anything - so much for not being a leader.

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    Re: Sights and Sounds (Giants-Jets)

    just awesome.

    anyone else notice barden running stride for stride with cruz on that 99 yder? oh rex ryan on the sidelines as cruz cruzed by him?

    eli and jacobs at the end was sweet.

    they're gonna pull this off and make the playoffs.

    its a whole new season then and if our defense peaks with our run game...watch out...

    this team hasnt come close to playing its best ball. individuals have like eli, jpp, cruz...but the TEAM hasnt even come close.

    this could get interesting.

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    Re: Sights and Sounds (Giants-Jets)

    My video just lags....

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