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    giants do didly sqwatt in free agency

    We miss on Brinkley and we lost our starting tightend and Philips.patriots are trying for Dwight freeny,Adrian Wilson,and john Abraham

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    All-Pro Moke's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    We're just one of those teams that don't like the free agency at all.

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    yea.. I blame that thing called a salary cap..

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    How much cap doo we have with Philips gone

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    What don't some of u understand that with success comes signing ur own FA's, as there more coveted on winning clubs, as u see with the ravens right now.. And chances are when u don't have tons of losing seasons in a row, u got a franchise QB, which costs big bucks, see ELI, Matt Ryan, and Flacco.. It took yrs and yrs of losing for the 9ers and seahawks to get to the point where there actually hitting on there early rd draft picks while also still having cap room.. Now in about 3-4 yrs , maybe more, lets see if the 9ers and Seahawks have this cap space if there still playing successful ball.. Drafting also takes a process as the giants rarley get these top 10 guys, which teams that stink pile up in there stinky yrs, and u add in those picks with cap space, and eventually u get it right.. Its amazing the giants haven't stunk for a chunk of seasons, with the natural order of the NFL taking place..

    Its very simple, albeit, harder to write down i suppose...

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    You wanted us to sign Bennett for $20M?

    Please tell us what type of contract we should be oofering to Freeney, Wilson and/or Abraham?

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    Yeah those 2 Super Bowls in the last 6 years really show the FO is clueless.

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    Yea the patriots sure are better than the giants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Yeah those 2 Super Bowls in the last 6 years really show the FO is clueless.
    I'd like to think guys like Eli, Cruz, JPP, etc are more to thank for the last superbowl than FO signings like canty, boley, rolle

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    Every year the younger/newer posters whine about our lack of a huge splash in free agency. Every year I tell them the same things. If you want a team that signs big name free agents, who also command big time $, I suggest you find a new team to follow.

    Giant do things differently. It isnt the Giants that need to change their ways, since it is obviously working for them, but rather you as a fan who needs to stop trying to turn the Giants into the Cowboys/Skins.

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