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U dont see us drafting a RB over CB this yr??lol Dude, its the 6th and 7th rd...lol U guys are funny.. And yes, Reese all ready said right outta his mouth, that LB is a huge priority for the GIants this yr... He all ready had Khaseem Greene in for a visit as well, and the only player we have at LB who may or may not be a future player for us is Jaquain Williams, a former 6th rd pick.. Trust me, going LB a couple times in the first 5rds is a possiblity...
I disagree (and so do the Giants historically under Reese).

We'll definitely take a LBer ... just not two in the first five rounds (incidentally Reese has said the same thing about the LBer position for three years running now). Same with OL I'd think and for the same reasons.

And yeah I'd be highly surprised if we draft a RB at all this year. There's just no need (short of someone they like dropping a ton (we do love our value picks)). Conversely, CB is always a position of priority with us (and rightly so) and we're going to need depth there, with CWeb playing his last year for us more than likely. CB will be a high pick I'm thinking (3rd round(ish)).