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    " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.

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    Very, very close to what Beatty got.

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    Everyone has been alluding to the fact that he has started to break down physically, but I'm not really sure what his physical issues are.

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    His play has dropped off the last 2 seasons. The contract is managable though

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    Rams are back!!

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    He has been relatively healthy, except for last season when he went down with a torn tricep?

    If he is healthy and gets back to his form from a couple years back, very good move by the Rams. Now they can move Saffold back to the RT position. Sam Bradford is probably a little happier this morning---LOL!!

    If tehy can add another piece to their offense ie: a quality WR, they could be competing with the Niners and Seattle this coming season.
    What a waste! Paid big $$$ to do squat this year. He, Beason and Beatty all should be cut after the season. #madeofglass

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