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Datone Jones: He's sort of the flip side of the coin of JPP. Where JPP can slide inside or out and excel, Jones can do both but excels at neither. His pad level is too inconsistent on the inside (gets blown off the ball at the point of attack) and he lacks the pass rush on the edge to warrant a first round pick (imo). He'd make a serviceable LDE in a 4-3 defense, but I want more than "serviceable" out of my #1 pick. I happen to think he translates better as a 3-4 DE, where his size can be utilized better (although the same concerns abound).
Uhh, Datone Jones is talked about as one of the best interior pass rushers in this draft. He has no problem getting pressure on the quarterback and making plays in the backfield from the inside. Funny thing is that he has been talked about gaining a few lbs more of weight and playing 3 tech. He definitely has the natural talent to have a Geno Atkins esque ceiling on the inside for a 4-3 but as you also point out, he could make an excellent 3-4 DE as well. I do admit that he could use a bit more flexibility to pass rush from the edge but majority of his pass rush would be from the inside anyhow while you slip a smaller guy to take advantage of the RT.

Damontre Moore: He's the slow motor guy. Takes plays off. Needs more size to anchor the end in a 4-3. Much better attacking while standing up (i.e. 3-4 OLB). Oh and 12 reps on the bench (ewwwwww!) ... strength issues.
Slow motor? I've never seen Moore take a play off once while watching his tape. You might be confusing that with his game speed which is inconsistent but he does work hard to make plays. You're also being a little hard on a kid (he's only 20 and a half) who definitely has the frame to add more strength and speed with an NFL program. Though I do agree with you on wanting Okafor over Moore because the latter is more suited to the 3-4.

Okafor: Excels at all of the above and does it consistently better than the above two (with the possible exception of playing from a 3-4 OLB position). Sets the edge (something we desperately need in our LDE) and has a strong and consistent pass rush. Also has a non-stop motor and never takes a play off. The only reason (imo) that he's not rated higher then Jones or Moore was his limited participation in the Combine.
Wait, are you saying Okafor has a better interior pass rush than Jones? That is such a false statement Kruunch and you know it. The only thing Okafor is better at than Jones is being a more consistent pass rusher on the edge in a 4-3. He definitely has questions setting the edge against some of the bigger Ts heading into the NFL and while he does have a good motor (high too), I wouldn't say he is non-stop. All of them have pretty equal motors imo.