He is a huge Skins fan and says that RG3 will light it up this coming year. My argument to him was that after this bad knee injury he wont be as mobile or a huge threat to run anymore. The defenses around the league will be able to defend him a lot better knowing he can't run or won't be allowed to run as much. His argument was that RG3 has the arm and pocket presence to repeat what he did last year and put up even bigger numbers, in other words he believer RG3 will dominate as a pocket passer.

I know RG3 is not a Vick type player but am I wrong in thinking he won't be effective as a pocket passer as we was with the option play? I know the kid has a good arm but there is a lot more to being a successful QB year in and year out then having a good arm. Not saying he will be rex grossman but i doubt he will have a season like he did last year.