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Thread: Just got into a huge debate with a co-worker about RG3

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    Bob is going to be RG1.5 if he keeps it up.

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    3-4 years max in the league for RG3. He will not last. QB's like him get hurt badly every season. It isn't a matter of 'if', so much as 'when'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flashnando View Post
    He is a huge Skins fan and says that RG3 will light it up this coming year. My argument to him was that after this bad knee injury he wont be as mobile or a huge threat to run anymore. The defenses around the league will be able to defend him a lot better knowing he can't run or won't be allowed to run as much. His argument was that RG3 has the arm and pocket presence to repeat what he did last year and put up even bigger numbers, in other words he believer RG3 will dominate as a pocket passer.

    I know RG3 is not a Vick type player but am I wrong in thinking he won't be effective as a pocket passer as we was with the option play? I know the kid has a good arm but there is a lot more to being a successful QB year in and year out then having a good arm. Not saying he will be rex grossman but i doubt he will have a season like he did last year.

    RGIII is a great talented player but nothing is the same when you have that kind of injury. That been said he still will be a hand-full to go against 2 times every year. Your friend is just frustraded because he knows deep down inside RGIII by all definitions is " damage goods " and he's pissed he has to deal with a crappy ownership and FO. Bad managment puts you behind the eight ball, cap salary penalties will bring lots of problems for years to come and not having a 1st round pick this and next year also doesn't help.
    Oh yea, it stinks being a Deadskin fan.
    " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.

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    Kinda torn on this 1.

    People are arguing that RG3 has to learn to be a pocket passer when in fact, he knows how. He is a tallented guy. I hate the Skins fosho, but RG3 is a good pocket passer too. The problem is the organization, and especially the coaching staff there have completely ignored his safety.

    All you need do is watch the game he got hurt. the docs didnt even examine him on the sideline when he 1st came out. It is the 2nd time this year they ignored his safety. No, Im sorry, it was like the 16th game they ignored his safety because an option offense in the NFL is going to get your QB murdered.

    Shanahan has gotten in trouble for ignoring player safety once this year and I can guarantee the league had words with him about his "nod of approval" to send RG3 back into the game that destroyed his knee.

    If RG3 has a fault it lies not in his ability to play as a pocket passer, but in that he isnt being strong enough to go to the caoches/GM and say throw that option crap out of the playbook because I would like to play this game beyond my rookie contract.

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    Unless he turns himself into Aaron Rodgers running the ball he will be a 12 game QB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruunch View Post
    Lol he might not even play this year.
    this..OP, you should have brought this up.

    I've never heard of a skins fan until RG3 came....damn stupid blowhard fans who root for the next big thing.

    But my 2 cents is that if RG3 is able to come back and play, he will need to learn in full a pro style offense and none of the gimmicky plays that helped him transition between college to the NFL.

    That also means he will really need to understand when to run and when NOT to run....Russell Wilson did this perfectly I think (you can also argue Kapernick too, but Im talking first time players so he's excluded)

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    As a human being, I kinda feel bad for RG3. He's being run into the ground by selfish *******s like Shanahan and Snyder. I hope he learns how to be a true NFL pocket passer, for his own sake at his job. His health is going to deteriorate faster than Bradshaw's when all is said and done...

    As a giants fan, the longer he's out, the better for us as a division rival...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    He is a 1 read qb that gets carried by a dominant run game that opens up throwing lanes when everyone on the d bits on the play action. He has a good arm and is fast but IMO it is all a smokescreen. If he had to run a pro style offense he would be exposed and the skins would win 5 games. Andrew luck is the real deal and at least Wilson runs a more traditional offense with a few read options sprinkled in. Almost every snap rg is in the pistol running a college offense. He is a FAKE.

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    I think the answer is simple. You need a new workplace. One with less Redskins fans.

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