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Sorry you're right ... I was thinking of Damontre Moore (been talking / watching him a lot lately).

Montgomery (and most LSU dline) doesn't really give me a lot of excitement. Although I don't think Montgomery falls that far, I'm not sure I'd want him anyways (the poster above making a good point, although I think that may have just been a coaching stunt).

I was never that high on him since he wasn't an elite edge rusher but played the RDE spot.

I think that's the only real problem I have with your mock ... otherwise the other picks are solid.
Cool, but that's why I have him in the 3rd round. I feel the story will cause his stock to drop. But the guy was a late first early second round talent so grabbing him in the 3rd would be good value. I can see him as a solid DE vs. the run and chipping in with 6-8 sacks per year as a starter, which is fine.

Get him some pro coaching and I guarantee that he will not be taking plays off. You don't play Coastal Carolina in the NFL and it was said he only did this vs. teams that were not up to LSU's level. I am not condoning what he did at all but vs. the Alabama's and Florida's, he gave his all.