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Do you guys think that Hosley size made him drop a bit?
His size made him drop from a 1st rounder to a 2nd rounder. His failed drug test made him fall from a 2nd rounder to a late 3rd.

There were more than 1 scouts who said he was the most skilled cover corner, but lacked the measurables of some guys as well as the physical style of play.

But We have the benfot of hindsight, so lets use it. The proof of his value to the VT team can be measured in what happened to the VT defense when Hosley left because they returned all but 2 starters from 2011 to 2012 (hosley and the other corner, a guy you have never heard of)

The difference in the defense was HUGE. They lined him up on opposing teams #1 no matter the size difference in Jayron pretty much dominated. I do not expect that will happen in the NFL, where he will likely remain a slot guy, but despite his up and down season in 2012, I still think over the long haul, picking him up in the 3rd round will prove to be the best value pick we made last year.