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Thread: Tampa Bay Won't Rule Out Giving Up First Round Pick

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    Tampa Bay Won't Rule Out Giving Up First Round Pick

    for Jets star CB Darrelle Revis. Fresh out of today's newspaper.


    and ESPN as well


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    This trade looks all set to happen pending the results of Revis' physical:

    Jason Cole
    Jets and Bucs have already agreed on the trade, Revis and Bucs have agreed on basic contract, deal should be finalized by tonight or Mon AM
    It'll be interesting to see what Tampa wind up giving up for him.

    I wonder if Sanchez and maybe Freeman will be included?
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    I'd say this years 1st.. and a 3rd next year

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    lol, Thanks Flip. I was just having some fun with Cruz's RFA offer sheet period, which just recently ended, last month.

    Here's the trade info for everyone to see: "In return for the three-time All-Pro, the Jets receive the No. 13 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and a conditional 2014 fourth-rounder that bumps to a third-rounder if Revis is on the Bucs' roster on the third day of the 2014 league year."


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