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    Quote Originally Posted by YATittle1962 View Post
    in a perfect world this is indeed ideal

    but when was the last time you had time to place your head or the defenders head precisely where you wanted them when you wanted them there while running at full speed trying to gain yards ?

    oh yeah .....almost never

    here comes the impact ...ok....let me place my shoulder here my head just to the side of the point of impact ....ahh...perfect...
    now let me go to the sideline and feed my unicorn

    if your head is up....the defender is going to knock your block off brother....this isn't a friendly game of PAL football

    but if it keeps going the way its going it will be flag football

    ...and "doing it wrong"...?????
    then some of the best RBs to ever live have been doing it wrong for decades
    Nobody says its an easy thing to do. But its still the RIGHT thing to do. 90% of the game is muscle memory and this is no different. With enough repetition players will learn to do it naturally. Just like 3pt stance or tackling fundamentals.

    Your brain can process an astronomical amount of information within a fraction of a second. Its not about perfectly placing your head. Its about determining the potential threats angle to you and adjusting.

    Ball carriers always have enough time to see what side the defender is on. If he is on my left, I lower my same side shoulder while sliding my head towards the opposite shoulder. And vice versa.

    This is not easy but it is very much possible. Do you seriously think using a helmet as a weapon by attacking with the crown and becoming a human ram is good for this game?

    Watch the Richardson highlight they keep showing. Its absolutely brutal for both players. The only good part about it as it happening to an Eagle. You can still lay devastating hits with your shoulder. You don't need to use the helmet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboysSuck View Post
    I mean its a close call. I want to say most of these hit would be legal by the new rule, but then again some of them may have been illegal. What do you guys think?

    almost none would even qualify as these runs are almost exclusively inside the OT to OT area. the runs he takes outside, he tries using a bit more agility and doesnt really get helmet leading low...within the OT to OT 3 yds behind the LOS to the endline, the old rules still apply. its OUTSIDE this area unless im mistaken...

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    This game is moving away from power being the focal point to agility being the main skill. Shame on the owners.

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    i dont think anyones understanding this rule, or im misunderstanding it...all these what if scenarios wont even take place and if they do itll be 1 in a 1000. its only illegal outside the OT to OT area. Is it a judgment call for intentional grounding? not really, is the qb inside the designated area and did the ball not reach the LOS or a wr's vicinity? Same thing with the new rule, unless im mistaken, the penalty is only eligible of being called outside this area so basically almost from the hash out to the sideline on each side (roughly). And a rb or ball carrier basically only reaches this area when hes out in space. thus, the need to lead with the crown shouldnt even be a concern bc a ball carrier would have to be completely without agility and vision...u can still try trucking someone over out in space but even then its never really like a lead with the crown type run over...

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    inbetween the tackles, anything goes like before, bradshaw, peterson, jacobs, etc can all run like they did yesteryear...its OUTSIDE this area...and rbs never lower their crown and lead with it bc out in space u want to get as much yardage as possible and u can usually shimmy shake a defender out in space even with a power type move

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    It's gonna be a lot more running to the sidelines outside the tackle box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YATittle1962 View Post
    NFL Executive VP of Football Operations Ray Anderson was on the Stephen A Smith show today stating that they are prepared to do just that .

    he had a very clear description of the rule .....and it still seams ridiculous to me

    I understand they player safety is of the utmost importance .....but officiating this rule is going to be a nightmare and someone is going to make a judgement call in a very important game and the sky will fall

    this is football....a full contact violent game that every one of these guys signed their name on a contract to play with the full and clear understanding that the possibility of future health issues is an absolute possibility
    I agree. And what happens when a player looks to lower his shoulder but the other guy moves causing initial contact on the crown of the helmet?

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    and its inbetween the tackles to the endline, which i take it to mean goal line. so essentially its between the tackles to the end line, they can run like before. its outside this area. presumably wr's would have to change the most if at all bc they play out in space...but whens the last time u saw a wr just lower the crown and lead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruunch View Post
    Get your nose out of a book.

    I played linebacker for 8 years ... leading with your helmet as a running back is a natural inclination. Any running back that charges a crowd does it at some point if not the majority of time.

    Too hard to legislate this rule unless they tell the refs "in only the most obvious and flagrant situations". That's about the only way I could see it not spinning out of control.
    This guy is lost and for him to say we don't know what we are talking about makes it more comical. I played football back in the days since I was 8-9 years old and played my last 6 or 7 years as a fullback in HS and college and can't envision my self not being flaged 2 times in every play for lowering my pad level and of course my helmet too. If someone has the solution for unscrewing my head from my shoulders then I don't see a problem here but by God thats not possible.
    " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.

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    should be a helmet ban, then we will see who wants to lower their head NOW! Rugby, anyone?
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