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Oh please don't kill me from laughter, the dude compares to Vicne Wilfork. If you saw the games then you'd see we gut killed up the middle by running backs. Our DT play was inconsistent and even Linval struggled in double teams. We need a true 1 tech while Linval can be a hybrid.

Don't talk about bad picks when you have a drunk and slow LB at 19. LOL. First of all Reese doesn't look at lBs for a reason. We have crap LBs every year since he's been here and we've won the Super Bowl twice. Also even if we miraculously take a LB in the first we wouldn't take Ogletree. We like good character types, not people who drink and drive. And Ogletree can't handle the weight you need to be good for a MLB. Chase Blackburn had a better 40 yard time so again don't talk about slow when you advocate for Ogletree.
Diehl had a DUI too..... It is not like our team all acts perfect never going out and having fun or anything. We drafted Hosley last year and he had a positive test for pot. Will Hill was quite the character when he was in college. I am sure you have heard about that as well but by some chance that you have not I will post a link of his tweets while he was at Florida. They are quite comical I think actually lol.


In all seriousness I do not think we will draft Olgetree in the 1st round because that is not how our team has drafted in recent years in respect to the LB position but I would like the pick honestly. Since we just signed Jenkins I do not think we will grab a DT in the first either....

Anyways about Tank Carradine.. I think that he could be a beast for us. Does anyone know if he is almost back to full strength after the injury? Sounds like he is doing pretty fine with some of those numbers you posted! JPP and Tank could be a nice duo at the DE for years to come. There are really a lot of players that I like in the 1st this year that I would be happy with if we got. Ansah (probably gone), Rhodes, Trufant, Olgetree, Tank, Cooper, Brown even. Those are off the top of my head but I see us getting someone like Tank in the 1st then addressing LB and DT in rounds like 3-5 range. That is just what I think but who knows.