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Thread: If all Nicks, Cruz, Meyers and Murphy stay healthy this year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by talbot View Post
    Which all depends on the OL's health and consistency.
    Not "all" but a great deal
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyt830 View Post
    thats where addressing/tweaking the O-line comes into play. And of course a productive run game.
    Which requires a solid Oline

    These vicious cycles lol
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Murphy is at best a situational WR. Why you didn't include Randle in the thread title is beyond me.

    PS: Myers is an awful run blocker. Downgrade the run game.

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    5) Doesn't mean **** if they're all healthy if we don't do anything about the offensive line

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    Quote Originally Posted by flashnando View Post
    I know health is an issue with every team and I don't mean that they will not have any health issues at all but if all of those four guys stay healthy all year do you think the offense will be:

    1. Okay
    2. Good
    3. Great
    4. Unstoppable
    Great but the Defense is old and Putrid. Giants will need to score 30 points to win each week

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    Quote Originally Posted by myles2424 View Post
    If the oline improves & everyone stays healthy, NFC east is a wrap.....If the defense does the same, home field advatage for the superbowl.....
    The defense is terrible. The Pass rush is non existent and the run defense is bad . Its going to be a struggle to get to 10 wins. Lots of very good teams in the NFC. I think this team is another year away

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    Murphy isn't all of a sudden becoming a receiving God. IMHO Randell and JJ will contribute more than Murphy. Murphy will be used but cool your jets a bit,he contributed little to the Panthers last season and Newton could of used some help in the receiving department

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    Our Oline needs improvement opening holes in our run game. They are pretty decent protecting Eli in the pass game.

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    Beyond personnel, I think we have to tweak our offense to match the adjustments that the league made to our scheme. Ravens coach said he wasn't really worried about our offense doing much before the game and we didn't do jack. I want to see more intermediate and short options. The deep ball is to hit or miss to be relied on as much as we do. When Eli plays like he did in 2011 we're unstoppable, but 2011 level of performance is not what we've come to expect from Eli. I expect him to be better than in 2012, but not like 2011.

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    We just gotta believe in Eli everyone. Just believe. The o-line will improve. The defense can't be worse than last year. They will be a force this year. We'll all come together and win the Super Bowl at Giants stadium. We can do it. Eli's gonna win one for his new baby on the way. (Congrats Eli.) I believe in you guys. So does everyone else. Just win it already. Lol. To the New York Giants. ... Super Bowl 48 Champions!!!!! Hell yeah!!! Cheers.

    P.S. f*** the Jets. We own MetLife. =Giants stadium.
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