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Given the current number of lawsuits related to former player injuries, how would the NFL turning a blind eye to "Bountygate" play out in a court room? Would it have benefited the plaintiffs (players) or the defendants (NFL)?
clearly the players as the argument would have been the League doesn't have our safety at heart, which would wreak havoc with the "leading with the crown" rule and "defenseless receiver" etc.

All I'm saying is, we believe that the Saints aren't the only Team to be suspected of putting out "bounties," but they were seemingly made a scape-goat in the events that ensued. If the League would have say, also implicated the Titans or whoever else, then maybe the focus would have not been so heavy on the likes of the Saints Organization (and Payton, Vilma or Fujita....screw Gregg Williams though, he always struck me as a pompous dip-****).