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Thread: Roger Goodell is redesigning the football for next season........

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBomb View Post
    has anyone completely overlooked you humor and informed you that GOODELL DOESN'T MAKE THESE DECISIONS YOU JACKANAPE!!! how dare you make jokes!?!?

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    Eventually, two hand touch. :0
    2014 Our Picks "Don't you just love this draft?! "#Sexy
    Round, Player, Position

    1) Pick- Odell Beckham Jr.! /WR
    2) Pick- Weston Richburg /C
    3) Pick- Jay Bromley /DT
    4) Pick- Andre Williams! /RB
    5) Pick- Nat Berhe! /SS
    5) Pick- Devon Kennard /LB (Comp.)
    6) Pick- Bennett Jackson /CB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Montemayor View Post
    Eventually, two hand touch. :0
    Better make it one hand. Two hands might be too violent.

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    Bring back real football

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueribbon View Post
    Bring back real football

    Lmao, good one.

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    Men in America have been emasculated. Shame on us for taking it. Guys are shaving there chests and legs for cripe sake. How do we expect to let them to play football. We are turning into a puppy country. Please change the middle 2 P's to another double letter set for a more accurate and dramatic statement. Use your imagination.

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