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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGfanSTRICK View Post
    Yeah I agree with that. I kind of feel bad for the guy because he it seems he literally gets moved from DE to LB every other year haha. It is nice to have versatility I suppose!
    We've used him at both spots quite a bit since he came back from his neck injury.

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    I think Kiwi playing OLB or DE will be dependent on Tracy and Ojomo. If at least one of those guys looks like they can be the swing DE, then Kiwi will stay in his current Joker role. If neither of them steps up, he moves back to DE full time.

    It's time for the team to either ***** or get off the pot when it comes to deciding if these guys are real players or not. They've had two seasons to look at Ojomo and more than that to see what Tracy has, the coaches should know by now if they're good enough to contibute or not.
    All Hail The New York Giants!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by miked1958 View Post
    Gotta mix a little jaron and hill in there. These guys will eventually be starters
    I agree and would like it to be sooner than later for Jaron he showed some nice flashes...

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