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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan12 View Post
    he gained weight last year... he was also doubled teamed alot last year
    A lot yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dakotajoe View Post
    A 23-24 year old pro athlete who can do 25 back-flips in a row has conditioning issues? ugh....Coughlin stating that is very uncomplimentary to JPP.
    Sometimes the truth hurts
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    Quote Originally Posted by byron View Post
    they played flat as hell some games they could use a real leader... someone like M Strahan would be nice ....
    Yeah its pathetic that he had to come back twice last year to try and motivate these guys

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    I think him and Cruz had wake up calls last year after killing it in 2011 and winning it all. Hopefully they are ready to dominate again in 2013.

    Eli also looked like he was not in great "condition". His ARM looked tired a bunch. Probably the short offseason after winning the superbowl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShakeandBake View Post
    What does the ability to do 25 back flips in a row have to do with being able to play hard for the full 60minutes each week?
    I believe he was hinting toward his God given ability.

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    If Coughlin said it then it is true, The man is a no b.s. individual. Kind of worrisome if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    JPP is becoming lazy

    JPP looked great in the probowl, I hope he continue to play like that in the regular season
    I would not take his Pro Bowl play as an indicator because many players go half speed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NWKEffectElement View Post
    I believe he was hinting toward his God given ability.
    Yes we know he is athletic, doesn't necessarily mean he has been keeping up with his conditioning

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    I hope he'll be back in shape this year. He's young. I think he, and perhaps the team in general, partied too hard.
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    The defense needs a leader that can light a fire under their collective asses. If Tuck is that leader, how much gravitas can he possibly muster in the huddle when everyone acknowledges that even his production fell off last year?
    Giants General Manager George Young recalls, "On his first day back, he wrote on our locker room chalkboard, 'The grass is greener, my butt. P. McConkey.' "

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