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    Toadofsteel mock 4.0

    Round 1: Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina
    Absolutely need to fix the inside of the line. Even if Boothe is re-signed, Snee will be declining any day now, and I for one do NOT want to see DD play LG ever again...

    (if Cooper is not there, pick whichever of Werner, Okafor, or Ansah is actually available... that would also be a great value for the pick)

    Round 2: Arthur Brown ILB Kansas St.
    I'm going to keep rolling with this pick. Good mix of athleticism and character. Still would need to beef up to be a true inside linebacker in a 4-3, but we have Connor around for a year so he can adjust to the NFL. Probably won't see him much as a rookie, barring injury.

    Round 3: Darius Slay CB Mississippi St.
    I'm officially off the Bennie Logan bandwagon now that we have Cullen Jenkins in the rotation there. At least as a 3rd round pick anyway. Anyway, I stole this pick off of Kruunch's mock, and I really like it. I know we've basically re-signed all the CBs that have played for us recently (I'm still waiting for the McQuarters signing personally ), but we need to get younger at the position...

    Round 4: Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M
    A good LB who has been working on coverage, has GREAT football IQ, and athletic to boot. Not as great at pass rush, but since PF never blitzes that shouldn't be a problem. His value didn't look great earlier on in college because he sucked in a 3-4 system, but was decent-to-good in a 4-3 front.

    Round 5: D.C. Jefferson TE Rutgers
    Listed as a poor-man's Martellus Bennett, which we could use now that said Bennett is on the Bears. More of a blocker than a receiver, which again is what we need since Myers is piss poor in blocking.

    Round 6: Damion Square DE Alabama
    A versatile backup DL that can play anywhere on the line really and has experience in both 3-4 and 4-3 fronts. Has played 3T, 4-3 DE, and even NT strangely enough at times.

    Round 7: Tyrone Goard WR Eastern Kentucky
    6'7". Developmental project. Something to have around for the future in case we can't keep both Nicks and Cruz.

    Round 7 comp: Lamar Mady OG Youngstown St.
    Props to Tdawg for pointing this one out to me. Developmental project to be sure, but enough of one that our OL coach scouted him out.

    Waiting for everyone to post their negative feedback... COME AT ME BROSIUSES!
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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